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Our safeguarding team are:

Designated Senior Lead- Alison Rostron (headteacher)

Deputy Designated Senior Leads- Cathy Houda (Deputy Headteacher) Rachel Steele (Y1/2 teacher)

Safeguarding Governor- Lynne Hollingsworth (lhollingsworth@thelwallinfantschool.co.uk)

If you have any safeguarding queries or concerns please contact school and ask to speak to one of the above named people. 


The Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) is Becki Byron

bbyron@warrington.gov.uk tel: 443101


Safeguarding Message for Parents

We are happy for you to take photographs or videos of your child taking part in events in school but please do not put the photographs that contain any children, other than your own, on any social media or internet sites. 



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Our Online Safety Tips

Setting parental controls for your home broadband is the easiest way to filter and restrict inappropriate websites on any device connected to your home Wi-Fi. Making sure your children's devices are set up safely will help you to make sure they get the best out of their device. The website www.internetmatters.org has some great advice, simple instructions and helpful tips on just about every device, Wi-Fi provider and games console to help you keep your children safe at home. 

We have added a few of their really helpful guides below but clicking on the link www.internetmatters.org will give you access to all the resources that you need.